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5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Wishing you the best of luck. Although I no longer live in NC I will spread the word because Rocky Mount needs some kind of change, and people who are elected to work for the greater of Rocky Mount..

  2. Your idea’s sound good. But where is your plan? I am personally concerned about new political figures talking a good game, but fail to clearly put there plans in detail on paper. Where is your plan? Hope you don’t filter this as your potential voters need to see these type of comments.

    1. Jerry, Thank you for reading my blog and asking your question. I understand your hesitation on those who may be new to the political arena. However, I am not new to human, economic and community development. Here is one example of a plan around addressing income inequality.Thanks again for your genuine interest in improving quality of life for all of us.
      Politically, the state has the power to secure economic social protections not only for populations that fall on the lowest socioeconomic strata, but also to build a stronger working and middle class. This policy recommendations suggest these opportunities: 1) Invest in educational resources to increase social entrepreneurship in marginalized communities and build a sustainable pre-school system; 2) Increase the state minimum wage to reflect the real cost of living in N.C.; 3) Reform current tax laws so that the burden of taxes fall on the richest 1% and not the middle and working classes; 4) Provide incentives to corporations to bring jobs closer to low income based jurisdictions and or in communities with high (persistent) unemployment rates; 5) Invest in training programs in low to moderate income jurisdictions; 6) Strengthen North Carolina’s social safety net by a) not repealing the Earned Income Tax Credit and b) Increasing eligibility for TANF benefits; c) Investing in resources for food banks.

  3. Thank for your answer to the young man’s question. I’m very thankful and to see your plans for NC. I ve visited your church many times whenever I was in NC. I was born/raised in NC and it saddens me to see how times have changed but not for the regular folk. SO praying for you as you embark or should I say continue with what God has called you to do.

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