NC Senate Prayer

Earlier this month I was asked to give the opening prayer for the NC State Senate during the absence of the Senate Chaplain. The response was so overwhelming I wanted to share the prayer.

Good morning. Thank you for allowing me this privilege to be with you today

 For those who may pray differently than I do or for those of you who may not pray at all I would like to begin with a moment of silence in respect of your belief

 Let’s Pray

 Our Father and our God. I thank you for being a prayer answering God and a covenant keeping God.  I thank you for giving us access to you who alone holds all power, majesty and authority. Thank you for the promise that if we abide in you and your words abide in us then we can ask what we desire and shall receive them. Thank you for the promise that the effective, fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.

 I pray today for this body of officials, Senators, legislatures – in specific the North Carolina General Assembly. I pray for every elected and appointed official to assemble in this chamber. I pray for the most senior statesman here to the most newly elected. I pray for their families, the desires of their hearts. I pray you would keep them in good health and sound mind

 I thank you for this nation we live in. I thank you for the vision of our forefathers that we might be governed by a division of powers so that our destiny does not rest in the hands of one person. To that end God I pray that our destiny will not be controlled by special interest or personal agenda or by racial prejudice or injustice.

I pray God for policies, discussions and outcomes that are compassionate and also common sense

I pray that decisions will be made in this place to empower people to do great things and not enable people to be irresponsible

 I pray for wisdom to make decisions that would strengthen and prosper our State. I pray for both social and capital entrepreneurism

I pray for policies that benefit those that wear a Timex as well as a Rolex.

I pray for polices that benefit those in public housing as well as those in gated communities. For those with a PHd as well as those with a GED

 I pray for every business, every belief and every burden

I pray for Healthcare that is affordable and accessible

I pray for an education system that results in our children being critical thinkers and not reduced to good test takers

I pray for the wealthiest and the poorest of this state. I pray for those of us who have been really blessed to prosper and our acknowledgement that we are the beneficiaries many years removed of the entitlements of land grants,  GI Bills,  and the Homestead Act

I pray for the Common Good. I pray that no select group of people would feel entitled to make choices around their own comfort and convenience that would have an adverse effect on the masses. That G.K. Chesterton was correct in 1909 when he stated, “The first principle of democracy is this: that the things common to all men are more important than the things peculiar to any man”

 I pray for a spirit of gratitude that we were not born in Burundi or Madagascar or Afghanistan but here in the greatest nation and the greatest state to exist. Help those in this chamber to he thankful for this opportunity you have given them to lead and to govern and remind them at each deliberation, each meeting, each vote that they too will be held accountable for the decisions and the deeds done while in these offices.

Give us a productive day that you can be pleased and be able to say, well done.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

2 thoughts on “NC Senate Prayer”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This was a wonderful opportunity to share the Word. In all of our time as youths I thank GOD to be able to remember the friendship that we shared growing up. Tell Mom and Dad and everyone I said hello! Maybe you should possibly add a donation button for the poor, widowed and fatherless and or orphans? I am praying for you and you do likewise because I need it.


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